Occupants of times past

I’m so excited! I’ve been researching the original owners of our house and I’ve just had a breakthrough. I think I know how the property first changed hands and who the proud owner of the 1930’s stove in the basement was! I’ve been working on a post about it and it’s not ready yet, but I had to share my glee. I started writing the post more than a month ago, but the more I look, the more I find and I’m not done yet. I don’t know why unraveling this mystery gives me such a thrill, but it does.

2 thoughts on “Occupants of times past”

    1. Ashley if you want, send me names and dates of the ones you know. It’s possible I can look up additional info on Ancestry. 
      valeriepie – at – gmail – dot – com if you’d like me to take a look.

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