Custom house numbers


Since before we painted the outside of the house I’ve been looking for some nice house numbers. There’s lots of great options if you’re looking for mid-century modern or arts and crafts, but Victorian? Not so much. I realize that address numbers were probably not fancy if you lived in a cottage in 1900, but this place needs some gussying up. And I believe the functional necessities in life can and should be beautiful. Not boring.

I was considering painting an address plaque but my brush skills are hit or miss. And then I remembered Ponoko. It’s a website where you can upload 2-D or 3-D designs and have them cut out of a variety of materials (wood, felt, metal, plastic, etc). I’ve been looking for an excuse to try out their service for a while and coming up with a design on the computer is more my speed. Continue reading “Custom house numbers”

Berkeley Craftsmans

Lots going on at the old homestead (NOT pictured above). My dear old cat is in poor health so I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy on him. There have been other household changes, but I’ll write more on that next time.

A quick note: If you’re in the Bay Area and you like Craftsmans you might want to take the 2012 Berkeley Heritage House Tour coming up on Sunday, May 6th from 1-5 pm. Architects and designers Henry H. Gutterson, Edward Seely, George T. Plowman, John Hudson Thomas, Williams & Wastell, Joseph Coward, F.E. Allen, and Louis Engler will all be represented on the tour. There’s even an addition designed by Julia Morgan. It’s in an amazing old neighborhood on a hill and there’s no better place to see this style of architecture than Berkeley.

Old houses in new art

The Elk Guard

I’m STILL working on the light fixture! I hope to have it done this weekend. Work is busy and I’m trying to update the design of Revictorian too. What I’m trying to say is: let’s skip all that and have a quick post about art, shall we?

I love Daniel Danger. I saw the screen print pictured above on some pop culture art blog and it took me right in. When I look at it I smell snow and I want to go into the silent house, as dark and mysterious as it is. It’s called The Elk Guard and it’s one of the first real pieces of art I ever bought. Click on it, the details are beautiful.

Well, we bought another one. Continue reading “Old houses in new art”