Berkeley Craftsmans

Lots going on at the old homestead (NOT pictured above). My dear old cat is in poor health so I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy on him. There have been other household changes, but I’ll write more on that next time.

A quick note: If you’re in the Bay Area and you like Craftsmans you might want to take the 2012 Berkeley Heritage House Tour coming up on Sunday, May 6th from 1-5 pm. Architects and designers Henry H. Gutterson, Edward Seely, George T. Plowman, John Hudson Thomas, Williams & Wastell, Joseph Coward, F.E. Allen, and Louis Engler will all be represented on the tour. There’s even an addition designed by Julia Morgan. It’s in an amazing old neighborhood on a hill and there’s no better place to see this style of architecture than Berkeley.