Before and after: A little coat of paint

Over the past few months we’ve made some changes to the exterior of our house. It’s not finished, and I’m not sure it ever will be, but it’s substantial enough that I wanted to show  you what we’ve done.

NO MORE AWNINGS. Look at the moss on that thing! Gross. Unless it’s the desert or a  sleeping room I’ll never understand why people want less light.

This is what was under the awning. This had once been a tall doorway with a transom window but they shortened the inside and outside walls leaving a cube of empty space inside the wall above the door.

Our good friends at Giant Squid Construction built up the doorframe and made custom mouldings to match the windows on the side of the house. We opted to move the light and replaced it with a brass-and-acorn-shade fixture from Omega Too.

You can see the outline in the paint where the moulding used to be. There’s also some kind of applique design (I’m guessing from the 40s/50s) directly above the window that’s been painted over.

With these repairs and a much-needed paint job it was a relatively cheap and dirty facelift, but I think it makes a huge difference. Next up:  Gable decoration? A little fretwork above the door?

How would you restore this simple little house in a victorian style?