Berkeley Craftsmans

Lots going on at the old homestead (NOT pictured above). My dear old cat is in poor health so I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy on him. There have been other household changes, but I’ll write more on that next time.

A quick note: If you’re in the Bay Area and you like Craftsmans you might want to take the 2012 Berkeley Heritage House Tour coming up on Sunday, May 6th from 1-5 pm. Architects and designers Henry H. Gutterson, Edward Seely, George T. Plowman, John Hudson Thomas, Williams & Wastell, Joseph Coward, F.E. Allen, and Louis Engler will all be represented on the tour. There’s even an addition designed by Julia Morgan. It’s in an amazing old neighborhood on a hill and there’s no better place to see this style of architecture than Berkeley.

Old houses in new art

The Elk Guard

I’m STILL working on the light fixture! I hope to have it done this weekend. Work is busy and I’m trying to update the design of Revictorian too. What I’m trying to say is: let’s skip all that and have a quick post about art, shall we?

I love Daniel Danger. I saw the screen print pictured above on some pop culture art blog and it took me right in. When I look at it I smell snow and I want to go into the silent house, as dark and mysterious as it is. It’s called The Elk Guard and it’s one of the first real pieces of art I ever bought. Click on it, the details are beautiful.

Well, we bought another one. Continue reading “Old houses in new art”

Restoring and revamping old lights

We need a new light in the bedroom. I hate the light in there. The table lamps are fine but I try to never use the overhead light, I dislike it that much. It’s nothing special, just the same style of bedroom light most of us grew up with. I couldn’t get a decent picture of it, but it’s this style:

only not as nice as either of these.

I’m particular about light. I don’t like direct light unless I’m working, and I don’t like light that’s the wrong color. I’m never going to adopt CFLs, I’m sorry to say. I like warm and clean light that bounces off walls and ceilings before it gets to me. I think bad lighting can ruin an otherwise nice room. Anyway, I’m particular. And especially particular about bedroom light.

Some background: Randall rewired and I restored an antique chandelier last year. It wasn’t hard to do, and after it was done and hung, I realized I could have done more with it than I did. It’s hard to see subtle detail from that far away. (click here if you want to see the before-restoration version)

The other thing I realized is that although this 20s-30s style of chandelier is pretty, and plentiful on ebay, it’s a major direct-light offender. Which is fine in the office with some old-style bulbs that are interesting to look at, but not what I want for tranquil bedroom light. Continue reading “Restoring and revamping old lights”

A quick update

Thank you, you tenacious voters for participating in my run in the Apartment Therapy Homies. I wanted to let y’all know that Revictorian came in 35th out of 270-something entries, which is actually pretty good for a 3-month old blog. I’ll take it! It was exciting to get more exposure than I’ve ever had before, and I have only you to thank. I hope you guys found some other great sites to follow too.

Photo by Paris Hotel Boutique

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