Unreal Estate

An occasional roundup of interesting or fantastic old houses on the market.

 Ames-Webster Mansion (shown above) in Back Bay (Boston), a 26,000-square-foot palace with 50 rooms and 28 fireplaces is now bargain priced at $692 a square foot! Curbed.com

The Austin Mansion in Effingham, Illinois was built in 1892 and has a storied history. It was once a college and has been featured on TV and in the press. A great look at it that includes historical photos. Hooked on Houses

1803 New Hampshire Mill overlooking a waterfall. Obviously modernized since it’s now a residence, it’s still pretty amazing. OldHouseDreams.com 

Oakwood in Cincinnati, is listed on the National Historic Register. It was constructed over five years from 1859 and is a castle smack dab in the midwest. OldHouses.com

And finally… Ghosts! Craigslist