…Of the website variety. Just some odds and ends I wanted to post before I forgot.

I started a Revictorian account on Pinterest. Edit 8/20/13: I’ve consolidated Pinterest accounts. This is also my personal account and has both Victorian/architecture and unrelated boards.

Pinterest is a great place to find and collect inspiration. If you have a Pinterest account you’d like to share, please comment. Or if you want an invitation let me know, I have a few.

Young House Love has a couple of very good posts on installing and grouting with penny round tiles. I’m bookmarking that for the Great Bathroom Remodel of …2012? 2013? We’ll see.

More links and a video after the jump.

Bookcase aficionado? There’s a Tumblr for you.

Another good source for craftsman/bungalow hardware and lighting: Old California.

And finally, Toronto Standard brings us a very lovely video on Eclectic Revival Lighting in Toronto. (Via Apartment Therapy.)


Photo from House of Antique Hardware’s Flickr stream.